On the Summit on the Road to Denver – Essay Example

The paper "On the Summit on the Road to Denver" is a good example of an essay on creative writing.
It was a long fast drive from Vegas in our car. We knew that we were now on the last leg of our journey as we reached the Colorado Rocky Mountains, but it was approaching midnight and we were getting very tired, all three of us. It was a dark night out there although in the light of the full moon we could make out the breathtaking views. However, the time of night, the slower driving, the misty air, the high altitudes, the steepness and narrowing of the roads in places, the sharp bends, and the brewing storm were also making us feel increasingly edgy. The traffic was also becoming sparse as time went by and mostly there were only trucks around us. Soon, hardly anything else could be heard apart from the winds gathering speed. And, if it wasn’t for the moonlight giving a mild sense of relief, the deadness in the air was enough to make one want to pass through this place very quickly and safely, and hope to reach a habited area very soon.
It wasn’t long before both my friends decided that it would be better to doze off instead of looking scarily outside the car windows and praying at each difficult pass. If only they knew how this was making me feel very lonely driving in the wilderness. I would have preferred to hear some soothing words to make me certain that I was being accompanied, but I was being urged from within to keep my emotions in control. I did not want to have to stop anywhere along here in the middle of the night with no one to call for help and at the mercy of nature and any lurking creatures. I was eager to continue to get out of here, but the thought of how and why I found myself in this situation was troubling my mind, and I could no longer contain my fears.
I cannot forget those moments last summer that seemed like an eternity at the time. However, it is at that point that my feelings took a sharp turn to make that day one of the most memorable days of my life and having a huge impact on me. I still remember vividly the sight of the glimmer of hope as I now call it looking back upon that day. There was a faint light being emitted from the side of the mountain to our left ahead of us. In the circumstances, it may have seemed to someone else seeing that light at the time that it was unwise to stop. But I knew inside me that I had nothing to fear whatsoever, that I was very safe. Something made me feel assured. I did not even think twice about where I was, the time of night, and the risk I was taking. In fact, I was feeling compelled to stop over, get out and go over to the cave from where the light was emanating. It was as if I was being called personally. As it turned out, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had such a wonderful experience, and the rare opportunity to be chosen for such a great undertaking. I enjoyed every moment and was excited by every detail.
The place looked unreal but I can recall the experience was very real. The old man in the cave smiled as I entered as if he had been waiting for me there all along. I forgot everything else about my sleeping friends, the car, and the secluded mountainous area. I was expecting something really extraordinary and I was not disappointed at all. His features were not exactly those of us humans although warming nonetheless. He asked me to sit down before him and I gazed into his eyes. He revealed his identity, gave specific information about life on the planet he had come from, told me why he was sent here and why I was called upon and gave me details of my purpose in life. This was the first time that I had ever met an extraterrestrial-cum-angel. This encounter defined my mission; set me on a path for the rest of my life, which I continue to tread upon though no longer alone in the wilderness.
Some of the minor details of that summit meeting I have forgotten. I don’t even recall getting back into the car and driving off. I only remember arriving in the streets of Denver in the early hours of the morning and my friends awakening as we finally reached our destination. I even made two subsequent trips along the same route since but could never find that cave again.