A Critical Analysis of Values in Social Work – Essay Example

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The paper "A Critical Analysis of Values in Social Work" is an outstanding example of an essay on sociology. Values can be defined as fundamental beliefs. They are the underlying principles through which individuals and the society at large establish that which is just, right and sensible. Typically, values provide a guideline in making decisions of what is good versus what is bad, what is right versus what is wrong (Healy 2008). They provide the framework for our standards in the delivery of our services to society and define what is acceptable and what is not.

Setting standards involves a relative comparison of what has been achieved against what is expected. It entails evaluating whether the work done meets the standards, comes close to the standards, falls short, or exceeds the set standards. Conventional values include courage, honour, integrity, patriotism, honesty, service and compassion (Reamer 2006). It is important to note that personal values and cultural values are intertwined and exist in relation to each other. Fundamentally, culture refers to a social organization that embraces similar values, whereby these values encompass social expectations.

It is these collective normative values that build up the foundation upon which solid cultural values are built. Consequently, it is rather easy to identify the values that particular society holds in high regard by identifying the individuals who receive respect and honour in that society (Gambrill 2007). Therefore, values invariably depict the norms of a particular culture albeit on a more critical approach that captures the judgment of these norms as either good or evil. The principal place to take note of when defining the subject of values is in our society.

Virtually every society comes up with dictates of what it deems to be wrong or right. In the scope of social work, values invariably play a major role in ensuring efficient delivery of service to society. Undoubtedly, diverse human experiences have over the years shaped society’ s beliefs on what is of value to the good of everyone. This is with an appreciation of the fact that societies are much the same in general principles although they may differ in specifics (Gambrill 2007). There are shared notions regarding how people should behave and interact with one another in organizations, groups and societies. Social workers contribute substantially to improving society and ensuring the betterment of the lives of individuals.

In this regard, it is usually normal for people engaged in these human services to interact with people with whom they do not share similar personal beliefs. For effective delivery in social work, it is, therefore, necessary for any social worker to demonstrate and maintain values in their work. This involves having to cast aside your feelings in a bid to help the client in need (Banks 2012).

While this is a challenge, it takes an individual with courage and an appreciation of the fact that these clients equally have the liberty of self-determination.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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