Social Phenomena of Eating – Essay Example

The paper "Social Phenomena of Eating" is an outstanding example of a sociology essay. When I leave for school in the morning, I notice couples holding hands or hugging and the close proximity they maintain is probably indicative of intimacy. I come across other people walking close but not too close and listening to the formal language they use and their formal dressing code makes me think they are colleagues or business associates. While driving, it is intriguing how all vehicles stop when the traffic lights show green demonstrating conformity to the formal rules of behavior. It is interesting to notice how my colleagues and I greet lecturers prefixing greetings with titles such as Professor, Doctor, and Mister or Miss whereas our greetings to each other are not prefixed with such. This denotes intergenerational differences as well as differences in social status. Over meals, I notice that people use cutlery and do not talk much while eating in order to conform to table manners. Considering the social phenomenon of eating, it would have been different if, through history, cutlery were never discovered. People would eat with their bare hands and probably it would be considered deviant to eat using anything else. If I woke up tomorrow as a woman, people from my culture would expect me to eat less than my male counterparts. My staple food would probably be different if I was born a different race. Finally, I picture that I would probably be eating wild fruits and hunting for meat if I had been born during the Stone Age period. Probably, there would not be tables to gather around when taking meals.