The Impact of Social Class in Ones Life – Essay Example

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The paper "The Impact of Social Class in One’ s Life" is an excellent example of an essay on social science. The impact of social class one’ s life is a serious topic which calls for attention and it includes components like education, income, occupation and wealth. It is common knowledge that social class has been subsisted among man when he began to live in communities. Though the ancient classes were based on tribes and power, the modern community has chiefly been segregated money. This segregation is quite common in most of the modern world, especially in the US.

As class segregation was at its peak in the US, the majority of the Americans were of the opinion that there is not much possibility to be rich by competing with the present scenario of social life. This reason may have helped the US in turning its face against class divisions and moving towards classlessness. It is visible in the outward appearance of modern Americans, particularly in their dressing and behavior and a majority of them wish to keep aloof from class barriers. However, there exists jagged social segregation in the education field whereby the upper class attempts their maximum in getting a better education for their children by totally disregarding the passions and rights of low class.

Politics is the other field that fabricates divisions in the society and it brings people under different classes. An overview of the political attitude of Americans makes things clear and The New York Times reports, “ In the 1950s, professionals were reliably Republican; today they lean Democratic. Meanwhile, skilled labor has gone from being heavily Democratic to almost evenly split. ” (Scott, Janny, 2005).     The racial class is another social class that keeps people in two layers.

It is clear with the growth of Evangelical Christians to middle and upper middle class like the growth of the ancient Roman Catholics. The nationwide survey of The Times reveals the attitude on the Americans towards social class and it finds out more than 80% people who believe that they can bring social classes together by becoming rich (The New York Times, 2005). To conclude, one can infer that the social class has a tremendous influence on one’ s life and it keeps him away as a separate entity, different from other social classes.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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