Effects of Smoking – Essay Example

The paper "Effects of Smoking" is a wonderful example of an essay on social science. If an individual smokes, their house, clothes, car, and a person has a distinct smell that cannot be masked.  Cigarette, cigars, and other tobacco products produce second-hand smoke.  This smoke penetrates a smoker’s body, hair, and environment.  No matter how a smoker tries to cover up their smoking, a distinct odor still persists.  This is the effect of smoking which leads to the lingering smell of a smoker.  Most smokers are not even aware of this side effect.  Even the cleanest smoker, one that showers daily, has a smoky smell.  Those who are not as tidy end up with an odor that repels all.  A smoker cannot mask the smell.  Perfume, cologne, and mouthwash give off a smell that non-smokers can easily identify. Many smokers are not even aware of the effect of smoking and their smell.  Smokers even try to mask the smell with mouthwash, but the smell goes into a smoker’s clothes.  Even if a smoker changes clothes and uses mouthwash, the smell sticks to facial hair and hair.  A non-smoker can immediately detect the odor with little or no effort.  More smokers are busted by school staff, spouses, or parents because of the smell, than finding the actual tobacco or weed products. Although not one of the more deadly side effects of smoking, the smell of smoke is one result of smoking.  Stinky hair, clothes, home, and car are an effect of smoking.  There is nothing that can be done to mask the smell, despite the effort.  Being stinky is the last concern of a person that has cancer, emphysema, or even a chronic cough, but maybe if they would have been more concerned about the smell, they would not have to face the other effects of smoking.