Self And Others – Essay Example

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Self and others Self and others Different people relate to each other different in each and every situation that face them. In defining how people relate to others there are three different situations that determine how people relate to others. One will relate to you in a manner in which you carry yourself around and who the person is to you. A father will relate to his child and the relation will be highly determined with how the child will be carrying himself around. A parent can disown the child when while in childhood the child did not carry himself around in a good or rather better manner than what the parent did expect from him.

The relation proceeds to the choice of a woman a child decides to marry and also it depends on the relation to one’s parent and taking care of them in the late future. We get to meet George whose father had a bad relationship with him and his mother, who are concerned about his selfish lifestyle, and his father who gives him the ultimate judgment in the end to kill himself by drowning.

Other people in our life in which we relate to can also have a positive impact on us in that one can have the power to make you prosper in whatever you want to do in life as well as build one’s career. Oates made in life because of her husband she met back in college and she has won many awards because of her carrier. Oate receives a lifetime award for the novels she wrote. In addition, she becomes famous. ReferencesOate. (2006).

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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