Toyota Production System – Essay Example

The paper "Toyota Production System" is a wonderful example of a management essay.
Toyota Production System is a set of principles and ideas that have been used over many years to produce quality cars. The system is designed to provide clients with quality vehicles at the required time. It also aims to provide the cars at the lowest possible cost. In addition, it enables employees to get fair treatment, job security, and work satisfaction.
The system is broken down into four stages that include Kaizen, just in time, Jidoka and suppliers. Kaizen includes daily improvements that the company applies to their equipment and working conditions to enhance the condition of their cars. The process requires all tasks to be standardized and precise to improve efficiency, eliminate waste and ensure maximum quality (Toyota, 2014).
Just in Time phrase was coined by a Toyota engineer to inspire the production process of the company to be regulated by the laws of demand and supply. For example, the client's demand motivates the production of a vehicle. The production of the vehicle motivates production and delivery of body parts and so on. As a result, the body parts and materials are produced in the correct quantity and where and when they are needed (Toyota, 2014).
Jidoka is a Japanese word that means automation through a human touch. The system is designed to halt and call for attention in case abnormalities occurs in the production process. In addition, Jidoka has enhanced specialization in the production line. Each employee is in charge of his production line where he identifies an opportunity for making improvements and initiates improvements with the help of the management. Lastly, suppliers and TPS is a system that allows body parts in the production line to be manufactured at the same rate. This means all employees in the production line customers to the next person. As a result, there is a continuous production of body parts (Toyota, 2014).