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The paper “ Is the Internet Changing the Way We Think? ” is a   dramatic variant of an essay on information technology. The world has significantly changed, and so many things that seemed very difficult have since become very easy and very interesting. World Wide Web has solved numerous problems that were experienced in the ancient days. Even though people had ways of storing, retrieving, and even filtering information, the internet has made that process less laborious and excessively faster. Those who came up with the internet idea are still highly regarded and constantly continue to receive praises from all sorts of the world (Brockman 2011).

There are those who think that internet development was a genius work and one of the greatest achievements of human species. The same way the internet has revolutionized all aspects of modern life it is the same way others believe it has become the greatest detractor to the way human beings think. Some scholars such as Carr have repeatedly complained of the way they think currently (Harris 2010). The same way technology has influenced communication, transport, banking, manufacturing, and many other sectors is the same as of Carr believes the internet has changed the way people think.

There are those who believe our environment has become too complex such that only the internet that can power steer the human mind to the rightful solutions. This paper looks at various ways through which the internet changes how people think. Internet Usage by PeoplePeople have developed the habit of consulting the internet in search of information concerning the modernized lifestyle. The internet has become of great use to many people when it comes to carrying out research, as it is possible to find multiple topics in the area being researched.

With the increased need for the internet in our lives, it is important for one to start thinking of the possible consequences of the use of the internet (Huffington 2013). It is important to find out whether the internet is indeed affecting our way of thinking like human beings. In as much as it is true that the internet has provided humankind with greater access to increased productivity, one thing that should be understood is the fact that the internet has equally hindered the way human beings deliberate, view various topics, and the general thinking process.

With the increased level at which the internet is continuing to be intertwined with our daily lifestyle, one thing that is properly deduced from this is the fact that it is negatively shaping how the human process and even interpret information (Harris 2010). Continuous use of the internet has since reduced the human desire to think, be inquisitive, comprehend, and be able to retain crucial information. As already pointed out, there is no single person can dismiss the fact that the internet has significantly benefited society in very many ways.

Through the internet, human being gets a supply of a vast spectrum of information and gets answers to very difficult problems that would otherwise remain unanswered. People use of internet in various ways, there are those who use the internet to explore their interest, governments and states use the internet to improve their productivity the same way companies have equally adopted the use of the internet to facilitate their production.

Students have found the internet to be of great help as it is through the internet that students carry out their research work in areas that teachers may not be informed and that gives teachers the opportunity to learn new things from their students (Dunbar 2012). Even with all these positive things that the internet does to our lives, there is a proven trend showing people are becoming over-reliant on the internet, and that has equally diminished our higher-order thinking.



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