Masterpieces of Latin America Museum of Art – Essay Example

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The paper "Masterpieces of Latin America Museum of Art" is an outstanding example of an essay on visual arts and film studies. On Saturday, March 6th, I paid a visit to the Latin America Museum of Art, which located in Long Beach, California. Artistic work and pictures are the most appealing photographic exhibitions of the museum. Several of the artistic works are very much attractive and worthwhile documenting. For my discussion, I decided to take notes on two of the artistic pictures and these are a discussion on them.   First of the most impressive images is one titled Muerte for Tuber ware (Death by Tuber ware), 2005 by Daniel Edburg.

The image exhibits an open refrigerator door, where a green-brownish kind of thing resembling a human arm is holding a girl by the neck. The girl seems to be screaming as she struggles to get the thing off her neck. The open refrigerator and the counter are full of processed food in different varieties in boxes and bottles. My understanding and interpretation of the artistic work consider that individuals are literally taking away their life by consuming processed food that is currently rampant not only in America but the whole world.

If my interpretation of the picture is something to go with, then the damage that is caused by processed food is unimaginable. It makes one wonder whether the food is from natural or artificial sources in the first place or not. This artistic work is significant in that it sensitizes the public on the dangers that processed food might have on their health. The next artistic work by Daniel Edburg that caught my attention in the Museum is the Muerte for Canderel (Death by Canderel).

The picture shows a dead woman who lies on a mirror. Lines and packets of Canderel that were on the mirror beside the woman surround her. The woman holds some foreign currency, meaning that she was using the foreign currency to snort the Canderel. Several materialistic items surround the woman, who wore a pink shirt, hello kitty purse in addition to her pink hair. Despite the glamorous and materialistic exhibition, happiness seemed to have no chance in the life of this woman.

The picture, therefore, depicts that despite having all the treasures that were affordable to the woman, unhappiness makes her resort to Canderel as an alternative for attaining happiness. However, what the woman thinks it will bring her excitement hence happiness costs her life. The picture is sadistic but realistic and educative in that it warns of short cut alternatives to attaining happiness as dangerous. The reality in this picture is usually portrayed even in movies and other artistic works. In conclusion, the artistic works in the Museum are relevant and vital in that they describe the current situation and concerns of the world we are living in.

To be specific, the artistic works of Daniel Edburg are a typical depiction of how the people are dying in the 21st century. My interpretation of the artistic works could not be what the artist had meant or aspired to mean, but I do think that the artist successfully managed to communicate his wider thought of the human environment. Something worthwhile noting from the exhibition is that the work of art can exhibit several meanings that are individually translated although the meaning that can be attached to it could not be the original significance of the artist.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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