SDiscuss The Stores Of At Least 2 Prophets A They Are Presented In The Suras Of The Quran – Essay Example

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Stories of Prophets in the Quran: The Quran is a justification of Holy Scriptures in the Muslim religion or faith. The Quran has the composure of different prophets also believed to have been revealed by God to guide the people. Muslims believe every prophet was assigned a different role in a different location. Many stories are told about prophets in the Quran, for instance, the story of Joseph as stipulated in the Quran (Pg 88). Joseph son of Jacob was called into prophet-hood by the almighty Allah so as to save the people from hunger.

God brings a revelation to Joseph through a dream where he dreams of eleven stars, the sun and the moon all bow to him. The revelations further continue appearing to Joseph. However, his father restricts him from informing his brother because they could turn against him. The life of Joseph in Israel was just dismay to a point where his own brothers sold him as a slave to Egyptian traders. The story about Joseph in the Quran is to expound to the believers the wonderful call of a young man who later became a dream interpreter and a very significant person in Egypt (Pg 88).

During a time of hunger in Egypt, Joseph fed many people in the far places including his own family from Israel just because he was blessed. Joseph had God given authority to control all food stores in Egypt and thus used the blessing to save his own people. So, just like other prophets in the Quran Joseph had an obligation of bringing all believers together and inform them of the good news of one true God. The Quran also presents to another prophet known as Jonah (Pg 82).

Jonah descended from just the human structure just like other prophets had been chosen by the Almighty Allah. Jonah’s significance in the Quran is not widely pronounced like other prophets, however, Jonah’s significance as a prophet was to spread the Holiness of God to the people ask them to be trustworthy to the one Lord. His message to all believers is also turn away from their wrongs and recognize one true God who is merciful and giver of life.

In conclusion, another prominent prophet in the Quran is Prophet Mohammed and the most known and proclaimed prophet as the founder of Islam as a religion. Prophet Mohammed’s story in the Quran is centered on his humility as a prophet of God. (Pg 71). It is so strange that the non-Muslims believers are the ones who consider Prophet Mohammed as the founder of Islam. According to the Moslems, Prophet Mohammed is just a prophet whose message was to restore the unchanged and monotheism faith of Adam, Moses, Abraham and Jesus in Islamic prophecy.

He is a prophet whose prophecy begins with a revelation from Angel Gabriel at the age of forty, and it goes on for twenty-three years. The twenty-three revelations are believed to have founded the Quran in the Islamic faith. His birth in Mecca was followed up by many persecutions from non-believers who forced him to seek refuge in Madinah where he continued spreading Islam as far as Peninsula. His message is just for all Islam faithful to worship one God and also be compassionate, honest and brave.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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