Human Resource Component As an Important Component of the Organization – Essay Example

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The paper "Human Resource Component As an Important Component of the Organization" is a perfect example of an essay on human resources. One of the most defining features of life is valuable. This is because the value is one of the most characterizing features of human beings while at the same time; it is one of the most distinguishing. It is characterizing since each and every individual almost certainly always works towards value, thereby making us similar. In contrast, it is distinguishing because each individual has their own unique definition of what provides them with value. Indeed, many of our lives’ endeavors can be thought of as value-addition processes. Whether the pursuit of value is a necessity for life or creation of humanity, it certainly dictates many of our daily activities.

At a personal level, one of the values that I hold and pursue relentlessly is success and excellence. At the most basic level, this is adeptly captured in the chronology of my life. Starting all the way from the elementary level, I have studied at seven successive levels. The aim at each level has been to better myself and to ensure that I became a valuable person in society. My efforts and endeavors have seen me pursue a national diploma, a higher national diploma, and an undergraduate degree as well as a Master’s degree. In addition to my academic endeavors, I have also engaged in other beneficial activities aimed at the acquisition of soft skills. Such activities include courses and seminars which have served to supplement my classroom undertakings. Moreover, I have worked intermittently between my academic pursuits, both to earn the money required as well as the experience that would enable me to pursue the next level of learning.
As mentioned, one of the outcomes of my professional engagements is the acquisition of experience. One of the most insightful lessons that I have learned through my experiences is the importance of labor. In particular, human relations are extremely vital to the success of an organization since ultimately, any transactions will involve human subjects. At the organizational level, the human resource holds an important link between the organization and its success. I believe it is for this reason that managers and employees are encouraged to attend workshops and seminars on soft skills, in a bid to enhance the value of human interaction. I feel that my experience at different levels, straight from a sales canvasser, through to a sales associate and all the way to a business development manager will go a long way in enabling me to provide profound insight into my Master’s course. It is my opinion that has been both at the receiving and the giving end, I am in a position to understand the multifaceted dynamics associated with the human resource component of the organization.
It is my profound belief that the human resource component is a particularly important component of the organization. Unlike other inputs which are usually static and rather standard, the human resource is a rather dynamic and ever-changing component. For example, workers can be taught and trained on a multiplicity of skills, and they can change from one role to another with relative ease. For these reasons, I feel that human resource management is an important management role in any organization. Consequently, it is my opinion that human resource offers a challenging and exciting course of study. Moreover, besides its utilitarian input in enhancing productivity and efficiency, I feel that human resource management offers hedonic value, in terms of the ability to affect other people’s lives. Such hedonic values consequently contribute to the satisfaction of higher-level needs as considered in Maslow’s hierarchy, self-esteem, and self-actualization. In this sense, attaining the degree as well as a position as a human resource manager would allow me to kill one bird with two stones.
These are some of the ways that I feel pursuing a Master’s in human resource management will contribute towards my career aspirations. In terms of academics, a Master’s degree in human resource management will combine well with my undergraduate degree in business administration to provide me with a competitive advantage in the labor market. Moreover, I feel that I have some insight to offer based on my own experiences and that the Master’s degree will accord me the appropriate avenue to do so. Upon the completion of my degree, I hope to advance my career towards the direction of becoming a human resource manager at a regional level, possibly within the next five years. On the short-term, I hope to gain a vertical transfer into the human resources department, possibly as an assistant human resource manager. In the long run, I would desire to launch my own human resource management consultancy firm, to provide direction to smaller and medium level organizations on the best HR practices.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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