Photography as a Necessity in Life – Essay Example

The paper "Photography as a Necessity in Life" is an outstanding example of an essay on English. In life, people have different tastes in a way that an individual can become an addict of doing a certain activity because of the obsession in him or her. For instance, I like photography because I learned the activity since I was a kid as I got inspiration from my parents. I view photography as a necessity in my life because the activity has been in part of my life since I was young. Firstly, photography has made me meet amazing people across the world and this has enabled me to get exposure to socializing with people from different classes. Secondly, my parents are supportive because they assisted me to travel around the world to take photographs. Thus, I appreciate photography very much since it has provided me a gateway to visit other countries in the world the movie that I never imaged it would happen one day. Additionally, I have preserved the photos that I shot since I started this activity. When I go through these photos, it is easy for me to remember something important that happened in the past. The memories depicted in the photos that I took a long time ago sometimes help me to gauge the development in my life. Moreover, with a huge collection of these photos, I have attracted so many friends whom we share similar interests and I have tried to support them to nurture their hobbies just as my parents helped me. In conclusion, all individuals have something they like to do as part of their life due to the obsession they have for that activity. For instance, I am fond of photography an activity that I started since I was young and through photography, I have achieved much in life.