The RFID Chips in the Consumer Industry – Essay Example

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The paper “ The RFID Chips in the Consumer Industry” is an exceptional example of an essay on family and consumer science. The RFID technology is considered to be one of the presently significant discoveries in the application. This can be attributed to the different applications that can be derived from its use such as inventory and monitoring of different forms of items that occur in bulks and large numbers such as those in the production and manufacturing industries. Due to the said benefits, the uses of RFID’ s are continuously increasing and diversifying.

The main objective of the study undertaken is to be able to present the issues that are presently related to the RFID technology and its use. There had a number of updates through the present time regarding the application of RFID in the consumer industry. One of main influence for the said effect is the requirement for the implementation of RFID in Wal-Mart as backed up by the Department of Defense (DOD) for the security purposes. The tagging by RFID technology is the current trend and in some companies dilemma that is needed to be resolved (Lucy). The trend towards the use of RFID can be observed through the different scenarios wherein RFID had been applied.

The most basic application which is developing towards the level of necessity is the use of RFID tagging for storage in the warehouse due to benefits such as time and labour efficiency with increased accuracy of monitoring. The incorporation of “ smart card” in operations is another application of the said technology which can be considered to process the financial activities in the company specifically banking. The RFID in SpeedPass by Exxon Mobil is another example of the improvement in terms of consumed time by identifying customers.

Even in animals, RFID technology is now used for tracking. In pets, RFID tags embedded in the body are presently used to monitor the location as well as the condition of the animal. But such application does not stop in animals some humans had been recorded to have been embedded with RFID tags that indicate health and personal information. The said cases are still achieving a significant number of oppositions and criticisms (Ahson and Ilyas 279; Lucy). Basically, the application of RFID technology revolves around the capability to monitor data from a limited distance with added benefits of speed and simultaneous gathering of information.

Due to the said applications, the use of RFID tags is presently covering a wide variety of industries such as in manufacturing and production of goods, in animal monitoring and care, in hospitals and even in sports. Where there are data to be stored and retrieved with the need for accuracy and speed, RFID can be applied.

This can be attributed to the continuous growth of RFID development. The said technology and its application can be considered to have similar potentials to the computers when the technology was first introduced. Although this is the case, similar risks for security in data retrieval is also present.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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