Solar Technology – Essay Example

The paper "Solar Technology " is a worthy example of an essay on technology. The solar technology has experienced significant development in the modern day. However, issues of cost-effectiveness have spurred endless research efforts aiming at developing and fine-tuning new models of making a solar panel. The new solar technology such as thin-film solar and organic cells is creating a competitive environment for traditional solar technology. Due to the cost inefficiency of the new technology, the hope is that it will increase its efficiency and decrease the costs simultaneously. It is imperative to understand the market size before considering the business application of the venture. Statistical evidence ascertains that the American annual energy consumption exceeds 29 trillion kilowatt hours. Unfortunately, only 314 million-kilowatt hours of the total energy consumption come from solar energy. In monetary terms, this is a $0.001 of the total energy expenditure. Despite the high dependence on alternative energy sources, solar energy has the potential to produce 400 trillion kilowatt hours per year. There are a number of useful options available for businesses with respect to solar energy. The first option is the standard utility option where the government produces massive PV farms that generate hundreds of megawatts of electricity. After the production, the government can retail to residential and commercial customers as an alternative source of electrical power. An individual or business owned PV panels placed on private, or company property is another potential option. Conversely, this alternative is detrimental in that the owner is responsible for maintenance. Finally, the solar city business model is an option where a firm invests in solar energy and distributes the power to the public at a fee. As a result, this option is advantageous to the individual because the company incurs the maintenance cost. The hoarders of some CSP systems offer shaded regions that are used for various purposes such as greenhouse parking and chicken farming. The possibility of creating a new agricultural environment in the desert areas is high when using integrated systems that use power, shaded, and desalted water. Specifically, this is an effective countermeasure to the loss of arable land and desertification. Nevertheless, it is critical to review the possibilities and restriction in implementing such a system.