A Cultural Approach to Communication – Essay Example

The paper "A Cultural Approach to Communication" is an outstanding example of an essay on English. The article revolves around communication and its interrelationship with the society or community. It is through communication that a community is formed, sustained, makes rules and laws, integrates with others, and religions are spread across the world. For example, with a ritual view of communication, there are different ranges of problems when examining, say a newspaper. It will view reading a newspaper less as the sending or gaining of information but more like attending a mass (Carey 5-7). This is, of course, through the eye, that nothing new is necessarily learned but that a certain view of the world is portrayed or confirmed. It puts the reader to a dramatic pedestal; for example, news from the business world, the political arena or the entertainment scene gain differing reactions from the reader ranging from patriotism, loyalty, tastes and preference, and financial literacy. In my opinion, there is more to communication than its verbal aspects. For instance, men are known to exist in a community in lieu of the things, which they might have in common stand and communication, whether active or virtual. It is the reason that people share aims, beliefs, aspirations, knowledge, common knowledge, common understanding, and like-mindedness as sociologists. Our attempts to construct, maintain, repair, and transform reality through the construction of a variety of symbol systems are publicly observable activities and characteristics that occur in historical time. We create, express, and convey our knowledge of and attitudes toward reality through the construction of a variety of symbol systems.