The Nature of Sexuality – Essay Example

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The paper "The Nature of Sexuality" is a worthy example of an essay on sociology. Sexuality is considered to be historical, social, and a social construction, one that can be altered in accordance with where one lives based on the beliefs of others. Each society has their own views of the sexual possibilities of the body; it is something that is culturally determined. However, many groups, especially those with a religious view on sexuality, believe that sexual identity is something that cannot be changed. Yet it has been noted that sex is a sociocultural construct and is subject to change and transformation and that it is something that is not once and for all determined.

In the Islamic-Iranian way of thinking, there is no distinction between public and private, holy and mundane, so sexuality becomes a religious concern and is expected to be upheld as such. Sexuality is regarded as first a pleasure, and then as a means of production; human love and physical union is also a gateway to salvation and union with the divine, though the pleasure and unity are thought to be for only the man.

In the hierarchy model, the pleasure and comfort that a woman can offer is the right of the man, and women find finality in men. However, upon immigrating to Sweden, the tables turned. Adhering to the social-sexual norms of Sweden, women began to realize that they were entitled to the exact same pleasure that their men were getting. Women began to demand respect for their individuality and the needs in their relationship. By migrating to a new location, Islamic-Iranian thinkers, especially the women, quickly began to realize their personal identity in regard to sexuality.

Many of the women in the experiment left their husbands for men who could give them what they wanted; in some cases, men realized how important this was to their wives and helped to adapt to the new social situation. Even though many of the people changed their views on sexuality upon their move to Sweden, many of them still adapted back to their original beliefs when it came to visiting family or friends in their original home. This just shows that sexuality is something that can be changed, not only in regard to location but in regard to individuality.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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