Suitcase Lady by Christine McLaren – Essay Example

The paper "Suitcase Lady by Christine McLaren " is a wonderful example of a literature essay. In the essay, “Suitcase Lady,” by Christine McLaren, the addresses the issue of homelessness in Toronto, Canada. The face of homelessness is given a profile through the personal story and struggle of the suitcase lady. Often times, the homeless people share one face in the eyes of those who have a home, a job, and a family. McLaren has told the story of a woman who had a family, who had a job but after a few rounds of bad luck, she is now on the street and essentially stuck. The woman wears a tiara, talks of castles and writes music without bar lines; it’s the fairytale world she lives in to escape the harsh reality of her circumstance on the street. McLaren offers the waitresses as secondary characters in the essay to represent the guilt that the public has for the homeless on the street. This essay explores not only the face of homelessness but answers the question as to how people unknowingly end up in such a situation without rhyme or reason. In addition, at the end of the essay, the broader picture is presented as the main character states that she tries to support her community and country but she depends only and solely on god because it is implied that the country, or government, has failed her. The mood in this essay is characterized as somber and eerily comforting. The author’s use of short and concise sentences presents the information factually as if there is no question or doubt about the suitcase lady’s struggling story. Her too long of a French name, her watery eyes, her gentle care in handling the belongings in her suitcase are comforting images and thoughts for the reader. The comfort she gets from her so-called music writing and tiara-wearing also comforts the reader. Her misery is cared for in essence. Her simple acceptance of her condition is sobering because, in the end, she voices her support of the people in the community and her country. Ironically enough, her country has left her alone as another faceless homeless lady in a doughnut shop. It is god on whom she depends instead on her country because apart from the few belongings she totes around in a suitcase, god is the only viable option that remains.