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Love in wroth’s and the twelfth night sonnetsThe origin of English renaissance is traced back to the time of Elizabeth’s reign in England. The main practices at that time were cultural based on the lifestyle of the people at that period of monarch rule. Various upcoming poets wrote on different allegories and compositions on English in various aspects. In essence, English renaissance grow and became more popular as more poets and philosophers put their work in publications. This way, more and more ideas on human life and various aspects of the society were put into print.

This essay is based on wroth’s sonnet and the twelfth night sonnet in which the theme of love express the gender disparity and roles at the period of their writing (Rita Simon & Mohamed Alaa Abdel Abdel-Moneim, 2010 pg74). In most cases, love is the main theme in sonnets especially the kind of lyrical poem that flourished during the age of Shakespeare. In this sonnet, the male gender is dominant over the female. The presentation of love in wroth’s sonnet is proper indication of true love and is beyond physical beauty.

Although it is the olden days, the poet is no short of vocabuaraly to symbolize the beauty of he mistress. ”he is likened to the sun”The poet creates conflict and employees similes to give the reader a vivid picture of the beauty being described. The use of contrast in the likening the mistress to the sun resolves the conflict that was earlier created. The love affair between the speaker and the sexually passionate woman is an indicator of unconventional morals. This gives the reader an idea about the characters.

Wroth holds the woman character inactive and remains helpless. The passive victimized Pamphila cannot free herself and the poet breaks sonnet conventions intentionally by not creating much of an idealized image of a feminine beauty as who can act but rather a victim (Rita Simon & Mohamed Alaa Abdel Abdel-Moneim, 2010 pg82). The opportunities of taking up male ignoring the male attention are already past although she remains patient. Thus, love is portrayed as strong emotion that is powerful to the extent of enduring anything, and it will withstand any obstacles.

Love is important and al encounters that come its way do not surpass its perseverance no mater what. A sonnet should allow both genders to voice but the female is not allowed thus criticized of how love is presented as having the male figure standing out in dominance. The love sharing is confined to the male gaze and the woman’s beauty. This true description of the woman’s place in the love affair at that time as it works in the eye of the poet (Lamott, Anne, 2005 pg 64).

In the sequence, the main contention is the adoration of the woman as an object but becomes a convincing human being who can assert her own rights. The woman only acquires credibility because Astrophil does not fall in love with her suddenly at first glance. As the proceeds of the sequence continue, a revelation of Stella’s physical attributes is clearly seen. In fact, her attributes are brought forth alongside the traditional imagery describing her all sort of traditional imagery and sometimes going out of the context as some parts of her were described as though she were an unfeeling object. The criticism directed to her is extreme.

The woman is not given much respect as the insults directed to her are just because she did not comply with the man’s demands. ”The simplicity of the lover is developed” (Sidney). The insults poured out to her are disrespectful, further the distance, and kill intimate relationship of love. It is evident that the woman in the olden days has different perspectives and she is not just a static symbol but part of a dynamic relationship in which she fids her individuality.

The woman is no longer a living dependent but an individual on her own right who can make a fair contribution as the male counterpart. Her actions are only got from circumstantial details such as attending tournaments and playing wit her dog. The woman character becomes fully realised as poet allows her to voice and we get to hear her own words. The words are the guiding feature of identifying her character. Her own sentiments, that love she did, are an expression of tender, loving and caring companion.

The woman did love but loved a love not blind thus; she does not follow the symbol of sexual desire. She is now bold enough to resist Astrophil (Lamott, Anne, 2005 pg 64).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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