Family and Friendship as the Most Important Things in Life – Essay Example

The paper "Family and Friendship as the Most Important Things in Life" is a worthy example of an essay on English. My late grandmother Martha Williams played a significant role in my early development, and even after her death, it is clear to see that she left a mark in my life. I was ten years old when my grandmother passed away, but I can still remember everything about her that makes me smile. This paper looks at the contributions and the influences she had on me, and how my life is without her. My grandmother played a herculean role in my early childhood days. It was easy to forget and become disoriented in things that plague a young mind at the time, but it was easy for me to look up for her comfort and guidance. Children are always about getting one thing or the other to conform to the system in place and fit in, particularly in my neighborhood. For example, I always wanted to go to the zoo, shopping, eating ice cream, playing video games, and watching TV with my peers at the time. However, my grandmother made it clear to understand that they were not the most important things. Accordingly, she used to tell me that it was critical that people make do with what was available, and not want for the things they did not necessarily need. She told me to be concerned with things that will help others and make the community a better place for everyone. For example, my grandmother asked me to share anything I had with my friends and anyone I thought was in a need and I can help I should help such people. In conclusion, my grandmother’s values and encouragement led to the understanding that family and friendship may be the most important things in life: relationships. Consequently, the admiration and appreciation I have for her enables me to change the things I can, and accept the ones that are beyond my control. Therefore, I have the courage to be independent, face any challenge with a will, and power to over such a situation. In other words, the time I spent with my grandmother will never be enough, but her lessons will linger in me for a lifetime. I recall her ever-smiling face, her happy voice makes me happy whenever I remember her, and through this, I have the will to push on with what she taught me to bring joy to others.