Remanufactured or reengineering process – Essay Example

Remanufacturing Program: Supervisor: April 24, Remanufacturing Products wear and tear, and may sometimes undergo physical damage that either disorient their usage or efficiency. Replacement is an option but reassembling is another alternative that may be cost effective and may facilitate sustainability from economic and environmental scopes. This further falls within the scope of reengineering which involves transformation of business processes in order to attain better productivity, in quality and quantity. Consequently, reengineering begins from existing ideas of products that are modified with focus on consumers’ utility needs. The process of reengineering also begins with organizational changes such as types of teams in an organization and technologies that the organization uses in its product development and delivery. Functional teams are for example transformed to cross-functional ones and statistical applications implemented for informed decisions, changes that ensure output efficiencies, cost effectiveness, and lower cycle times.
The health care sector is an example of areas that have focused on reengineering and health care products illustrates this. Organizations also exist in the sector that work with hospitals and other health care organizations to ensure benefits of reengineering in the sector. Reengineering Solutions, for example, remanufactures products that it supplies to care facilities at cost effective rates. The organization targets established hospitals and aims at improving the hospitals service delivery quality with practices that ensures environmental sustainability. Sustainability Solutions is another organization that promotes environmental sustainability through reengineered practices in the health care sector. The organization helps care facilities to efficient resource utilization though reprocessing and remanufacturing. In its initiatives, Sustainability Solutions has eliminated significant volume of wastes, more than 10000 tons, through remanufacturing of wastes from medical products (Varun 2012).
The motor vehicle industry is another field that illustrates application of remanufacturing and reengineering. BMW is one of the stakeholders in the industry and applies the concepts. Its brand image facilitates this. Because of the class and style of the company’s cars, its customers have a high retention rate and would prefer to renovate instead of purchase of new models of vehicles. The company facilitates this by sales of used engines and car bodies. Engines, which remain in good status, following accidents that lead to written off cars, are reconditioned and sold for reuse in other BMW cars. It also facilitates sale used cars with some missing components, such as engines, which can then be purchased from remanufactured or used stocks and fixed to make the cars complete, at cheaper costs compared to purchase of new cars. A remanufactured engine, however, has the old block but its internal elements are new and approved by the company (Varun 2012).
Apple also offers its used products for re-sale, after repairs. The company takes its used products and refurbishes them before offering them to consumers for sale. The process also involves cleaning of the new products. In addition, the products are tested for safety and quality. This ensures usability, though some of the refurbished products are normally returned for because of technical problems. The company’s refurbishing initiatives have the benefit of recycling used materials for environmental benefits and availing commodities to users at lower prices and similar functionality as new products (Varun 2012).
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