Rhetoric of the Cultural Border – Essay Example

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The paper "Rhetoric of the Cultural Border" is an outstanding example of an essay on culture. The story re-examining the Rhetoric of the cultural border points out the cultural border, Borderlands, and boundaries. This summary critiques the view of essentialists that assumes fixed boundaries for a given culture, the writer of the story reasons out with the views of constructivists (Gurley 43). In this, the constructivist view assumes a personal power to define and redefine their identities based on their culture within a multicultural society. The author also illustrates varied multicultural makeups that are always multiracial. In his story, the author puts it clear that every person is cultural and multiracial.

Cultural in that, culture does not result from exotic people but is standards that humans adept. Multicultural in that, human exists incompetencies in between macro and micro-cultural systems. The culture of humans is neither coherent nor homogeneous. In most cases, they usually care to have a thought about their everyday lives characterized by all kinds of border zones. It comes clear that culture is not limited by territory as earlier believed it was.

Thus, people are the movers, carriers, inventors, and consumers of their culture. It is through these contacts that they get new standards and as a result, they tend to be multicultural. ReflectionTherefore, this concept brings light to understanding cultural differences. As a result of every individual having his or her unique cultural aspect, cultural differences cannot be evaded at any cost and are not separable. The difference in an individual’ s culture is usually a combination of different standards (Gurley 49). The cultural differences are then put together to multiculturalism. Therefore, it sounds logical to me that we all have a better understanding of our individual culture so that we understand our multiculturalism as a way of understanding our societal multiculturalism.

Through this, the constructive view of persons’ cultures would become useful to society.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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