Reflections On Issues Of Suburban Development – Essay Example

The paper "Reflections On Issues Of Suburban Development" is a wonderful example of a history essay.
Mass Suburban development is an event that came right after the end of World War II. During this period, the US realized a massive expansion of residential construction (Jackson, 1985; Fishman, 1987; Knox, 1994; Hayden, 2003). The first suburbs that came after the war was mainly white and depicted homogeneity in many matters, which included their economy.
Later, there was stratification that led to development of suburb diversities identified as working-class suburbs, automobile, Suburbs, older suburbs, industrial suburbs, streetcar suburbs and even ‘suburbs as slums’ (Berger, 1968; Warner, 1978; Jackson, 1985; Knox, 1994; Lewis, 1999; Corbin Sies, 2001; Hayden, 2003). With the inception of suburban diversities, a serious problem arose with regard to their identification that took a biased stand, elevating the so-called Levittown-style standard-designed suburbs where white men lived and on the other hand stereotyped central cities as places of poverty, danger, and decay (Beauregard, 2003)
This biased traditional or dichotomous model used in defining these suburbs inclined on paid little attention to the problems existing in Central –city and neglected the idea of suburban diversity. The model's negative depiction of city-suburban dichotomy, supported by the negative presentation of the cities went ahead to affect urban planning and public policy. Such is the case that, these policies reflected the same biases and resulted in a serious decline of many central cities in the 1970s.

In summary, the traditional metropolitan model poorly serves the rich diversity of suburbs in America. This model fails to address the issues affecting suburbs or even the ever-increasing suburban population that differs from one place to another. As a remedy, upcoming studies should center on establishing new models, which will offer insight with regard to the emerging metropolitan reality.