How to Improve Mastery of English Language through the Semester – Essay Example

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The paper "How to Improve Mastery of English Language through the Semester" is an excellent example of an essay on education. It has been my long-term desire and wishes to learn and prosper in the English language. This attitude was mainly triggered by my realization of the worldwide importance of the language. English is currently one of the world’s most spoken languages, which is evident in the fact it is a leading instructional language most of the school programs across the world. Moreover, the English language is used as the official language in most employment sectors across the globe. It is true that when one is proficient in the English language, he stands a better chance of fitting in almost all societies of the world. Taking into account the aforementioned significance of the language, I have been very keen and attentive in class just to ensure that I get maximum knowledge possible from the class lessons. I have also been carrying out expounded research on the English language considering broadness and continuing growth of the language. 

I sincerely have to admit that I have benefited hugely from English lesions that I attended since the beginning of this semester. It is worth mentioning that the English lessons I attended this semester have helped to improve my reading and writing skills. Before the beginning of this semester, I was incapable of writing constructively in English language classes. This was because I had not mastered the basic rules of grammar such as punctuation, fluent flow of ideas, and most of the time I was confusing spellings and as such losing the intended meanings of what I intend to communicate. To be precise, I had flat reading style without any fluctuation despite the demand within the sentence. To this end, I must confess the great improvement that I have made since the beginning of the semester since I can construct flawless sentences and compose appealing papers.
The English lessons I have been attending this semester have helped in improving my speech techniques and expressions. This course has been very beneficial to me especially since it provided me with the opportunity to read various books and articles that have enabled me to improve the level of my writing and expression in the English language. I can say that the level of my proficiency in both written and spoken English has significantly improved as compared to the previous semester. Furthermore, I have also been able to improve my handwriting to a more legible form than it was at the beginning of the semester. Moreover, the English lessons I have been attending through the semester have acquainted me with sufficient skills of reading, analyzing, interpreting, and answering particular questions in passages and other grammatical texts
The English lessons I have been attending throughout the semester have assisted me in enhancing my grammar as can be observed from the improvement in the manner I use the various parts of speech to present well written academic papers. I have also learned how to describe events and items through the proper use of different types of adjectives. It is also worth mentioning that the English lessons through the semester have assisted in improving my knowledge of other fields of study as I can now read and write various concepts without the slightest form of contradictions. To add, English lessons I have been attending through the semester have assisted in improving my spelling accuracy as well as avoiding the temptation to engage in the direct translation of words from my native language to English.
With all the stated and observable improvements that I have undergone through the English lessons this semester, I still have some problems that I hope can be resolved when assisted. The first problem that I still encounter concerns about the appropriate use of punctuation marks when writing sentences. The most notable punctuation marks that pose challenges my resolve to be a notable writer English language are the semicolons and colons. I have been facing repeated confusion on the appropriate time to use either the colons or semicolons. This problem mostly occurs when I want to list a number of items. In addition, the use of hyphen and inverted commas have posed challenges, especially when writing speeches or quoting excerpts from a written text. Another notable problem that I have encountered is the repeated use of simple vocabularies. Bearing the fact that I am not a native English speaker, I do face the problem of confused or inappropriately applied vocabularies, which at times excite ridicule from my peers. In addition, I have also been weak in performing transitional exercises; a fact that I believe has contributed to my slowed development in the English language.
Despite the above challenges, I still believe that further enhancement of my strengths and adequate support from my teacher and fellow students will enable grasp the most essential elements of writing in the English language. I have also realized and strongly believe that the solution to these challenges lies upon my personal efforts and resolve to excel. I will need to read more books and articles to ensure that I improve my capability of appropriately used of punctuation marks and improvement in vocabulary. I will also review my attitude of referring to the dictionary to improve my mastery of vocabulary and other components of speech. I will also work hard to develop a positive attitude towards tackling transitional exercises that I come across through the next semester.
In conclusion, the English lesions I have been attending through the semester have helped in improving reading and communication skills. The English lessons I have attended through the semester have helped to develop positive analyzing and interpretation skills that have boosted my potential of answering questions. I have also benefited from in-depth knowledge on the use of the eight parts of speech such as adjectives, adverbs, verbs, and conjunctions. However, I have also encountered a number of problems ranging from challenging the use of semicolons and colons, hyphens and dashes. Furthermore, I still face problems with the inappropriate use of vocabularies and weakness in performing transitional exercises. I have unfading hopes that at the end of my studies I will be able to obtain sufficient knowledge in the English language that can help me in securing job opportunity in any sector of the economy.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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