Legal, Privacy, and Security Issues in Electronic Commerce – Essay Example

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The paper "Legal, Privacy, and Security Issues in Electronic Commerce" is a great example of an essay on e-commerce. In November 2013, a 45-year-old British IT consultant by the name John Huntley revealed on his blog how his LG smart TV was spying on him. Apparently, the TV was able to log the channels he was watching and send the data to LG. Going by the fact that LG is the world second largest TV producers, these accusations did not go down well with the customers with some demanding LG for an explanation on why they were doing this. So how did they violate the right to privacy?

Evidently, the data was being collected by the company in unencrypted formats and thus used to target consumers with the advertisement. This was after they launched an ad platform that targeted its smart TV customers in the previous year. By collecting the information, the company would then send exclusive advertisement in favor of the information they collected on their databases. Soon after the reports were doing rounds in the press, the LG spokesman addressed the issue saying that it is going to look at the claims and look for a way to tackle it.

He said that the company values the privacy of the user and promised to respond to the public as soon as possible. This is a case of pure neglect of consumer’ s privacy. In other words, the consumer is not sure if the data is safe or not interfered with. Furthermore, no one can define the authenticity of that particular data since it is possible for the company to alter or corrupt it. In addition to that, the consumer should have been notified of such activity so that they can decide if they wish to participate or not.

By this indecent activity, LG got itself in deep trouble and if legal charges will be pressed against them in future, they will not blame any person. More so, their ratings on the market and product consumption will decline by a mile. In conclusion, I don’ t think I am comfortable when someone is accessing my information. I don’ t think am going to buy these smart TVs since I don’ t trust their mode of operation.

Until am sure of that my privacy is secured, I won’ t buy or advice anyone else to purchase such TVs.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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