Improvement and Development of Products for Positive Change – Essay Example

The paper "Improvement and Development of Products for Positive Change" is a marvelous example of a marketing essay.
Product development is very important in any given society. When a product is enhanced, the value is increased and it becomes a more valuable resource.
An improvement of a product can also bring about positive change not only to the society but also to the general population. It is important to add value to the products to make them more likable to the people.
A product can be enhanced for the purpose of dealing with a particular phenomenon. For instance, a product can be designed in such a way that it does not affect diabetes patients. This would then mean that a product is specifically designed for such people in the society.
Products should be developed in such a way that they are competitive and more vibrant in the market. A product that is not competitive does not depict any value. In a society, people are more driven by a value other than a mere presence of a product.
A product can, therefore, be enhanced in such a way that it is considerate to the needs of the general public. People have different tastes and likability to certain products and to some extent, a product that does not meet the expectations of the people does not promote positive change in the society (Kotler & Lee, 2007).
Marketers on the market should, therefore, be aware of the dynamics of the changing face of productions. Every individual product should help the general population make appropriate choices based on what they prefer. In other words, it means that a product should be able to meet the expectations of the people at whatever level. Product development entails a number of strategies, thus it is important to adopt the best practices for consumer satisfaction (Kotler & Lee, 2007).