Read The Article And Please Write The Following Direction As Below – Essay Example

Paraphrasing Question The article focuses on exploring and discovering the hidden chance that Oligarchic is commonly used by the United States systems of politics. According to Aristotle, the authors of the authors claim that democracy is dependable with oligarchy. Wealth can influence and generate reliable resources for political power. The article tries to distinguish the Power influence between the rich and the poor. The wealthy manipulates and exploits the poor using political influence and power.
Question 2
The audience in this article presented by winters is the United States citizens. Winters acknowledges participants and those who comments on his talk hence showing that the audience are those who supports the article. Evidently, the rich are exposed to the article and therefore cannot comment on the talk of the article. Consequently, the poor citizens of the United States are the audiences that feel that the article favors them.
Question 3
The authors support their argument with citing specific evidence in the United States. The first evidence used is the US cases, which shows the inequality in American in terms of economy. The authors claim that the country has major issues of inequality since the majority is poor and the minority is rich. The authors also use calculations based on power and material to support the point of inequality in America. Finally, the public policy which shows that 0.1 of 1% of the people get their way is also used to make the point of the article.
Work Cited
Winters, Jeffrey A., and Benjamin I. Page. "Oligarchy in the United States?." Perspectives on politics 7.04 (2009): 731-751.