Presidential Term of Calvin Coolidge – Essay Example

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The paper "Presidential Term of Calvin Coolidge" is a great example of an essay on history. The paper has helped me approach the presidential term of Calvin Coolidge from a fresh perspective. Contrary to the negative view I had about him so far, the interesting and insightful facts presented in the paper makes it evident how words and deeds could be misinterpreted quite often. Now, I could see him as a pioneering force behind modern business and management theories. Though the minimal interference of governments in business remains a mirage even today, the fact that there is a general optimism towards corporate work culture as something capable of redeeming nations from economic crises is evidence enough for the pragmatism of his views.

Coolidge strikes me now as an individual who refused to play according to the tunes of other forces. I am impressed by the way he held his views in situations where others would have compromised for the sake of public approval. The non-conformist stance, mixed with his clear views and strong conviction in them is apt to inspire anyone who could bring out long-lasting positive changes in society.

The stand he took regarding the 1919 Police Strike in Boston is a clear evidence for his judicious and appropriate actions in times of great crises. The most significant aspect about him that touched me is the analogy he uses between a factory and a temple, and a worker and a worshipper. The great view that a worshipper deserves reverence and praise instead of scorn and blame is sufficient enough to open many eyes, hopefully, those who are in positions of power.

The argumentative structure of the paper appeals swiftly to one’ s intellect and skills of logical analysis. The major arguments and supporting evidence are presented systematically, which adds to the persuasive power of the paper. Even those who hold very strong views against Coolidge are apt to rethink their attitudes to historical interpretations if they allow themselves to be led to new perspectives that the paper advocates. Such a powerful effect can be achieved through a paper only by a seasoned, highly informed writer.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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