Racism And The 20th Century – Essay Example

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Racism and prejudice have been vital aspects that have been plagued the society of the United States of America. The root causes of racism and anti-Semitism are derived from the ideology of the white man’s burden that continues to be the hallmark of white supremacy. In addition, one cannot diminish the fact that America was founded upon the idea of “melting pot.” Even prominent figures such as Albert Einstein called racism America's "worst disease.” Prejudice has been the norm and the dream of “free spirit” of liberty has been obliterated. The country has literally shed blood of innocent civilians to fight for few basic rights that are God-given. Racism is prevalent in American society due to the enactment of affirmative action, ethnic profiling post-September 11, and the vague existence of the KKK.
Undoubtedly with the election of the new president Barak Obama, the political and social spheres have drastically changed. Prejudicial attitudes are prevalent amongst many groups and are a key catalyst towards conducing hatred. To combat this absurd idea of racism and prejudice, the NCAAP became one of the first organizations that advocated for the civil rights. In order to combat racism, the NAACP led to strong movements that combat this issue. In addition, the Regional Council of Negro Leadership has been laying a solid foundation of education, research, and propagation of civil rights. Moreover, they are working hard to dissolving the prevalent stereotypes that are existent in the American social media. For instance, Rev. Donald Coates, leader of a protest organization, has spearheaded the movements against the stereotypical depiction of African Americans in the rap industry as thugs and pimps.
Undoubtedly, racism will continue to haunt the American society for decades to come and impact the future generations of America. The American generation must continue to fight racism in many ways and accept the diversity that America was founded upon. Ignorance and self-hatred must be abolished in order to understand the beauty of diversity.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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