What is a Database – Essay Example

The paper “What is a Database” is an excellent example of an essay on information technology.
A database is an organized mechanism that is often used to store, manage and retrieve information and data. It is basically a structured collection of records or data that are stored in a computerized system. A database not only stores large amounts of records and information but also allows an easy access to this information. It allows for the addition of new information and the correction of the old information.

A Database Management System is a program that manages the information stored in a database and takes care of the incoming queries. It is basically a set of computer programs that manages and governs the creation, maintenance and the usage of a database by the end users in an organization. A database management system allows the organizations to make way for the control of a database by the database administrators and other related specialists.

I plan to establish a database for my home that will store all the essential records related to my family members that will include the family health records, professional data, financial data, and information. This will make it feasible for a family member or any concerned user to retrieve the required data about my family when required. This will also make the information and data related to my family members very organized and systematic. A family database will also allow for the addition of new data related to any family member.