George Orwell 1984 – Essay Example

The paper "George Orwell 1984" is an outstanding example of a literature essay.
O’Brien’s method of reconditioning Winston is an expression of a total autocratic system. It is obviously a torture. The process of learning and understanding and then electroshocking him in the name of curing his insanity is awful torture.
‘1984’ is not just a novel about science fiction. Much beyond transcending its genre, it is a social satire also. To incorporate the autocratic party system in original life would be always disturbing. Every individual has the right and a space of his own. Similar kind of rule implemented holistically in the society would be always disturbing. A similar fashion of life would also kill the diversity completely and this phenomenon is quite annoying.
Winston Smith, the protagonist of Orwell’s ‘1984’ is a civil sergeant who has been commissioned with the duty to perpetuate the propaganda of the party and its agendas. Winston uses to do this by a thorough revision of the historical records and from there, he came to know about the negative and dystopia omniscience of the party regime. A knowledge of history acted as an eye-opener for Winston. This fact is never made distinct in the novel. It is obvious but apparently portrayed.
At the end of the play, the precondition of Winston act as an allegory. He is symbolic of the rebellion against the totalitarian system. Winston acts as an alter ego of Orwell and his recondition is a deliberate expression of the agendas. Orwell tried to put forward through his recondition; some aspects of dystopia which he intends to expose and explore through his classic social science fiction ‘1984’. Winston will never return back to his older scheme of thinking because as the alter ego of the author and a true rebel he will continue to strive against the totalitarian system which is autocratic in nature.