Comparison and Contrast between Discipline and Guidance – Essay Example

The paper "Comparison and Contrast between Discipline and Guidance" is an exceptional example of an educational essay.
Discipline and guidance are two entirely different terms with different meanings, though both are extremely essential in the classroom. Students require both guidance and discipline from their teacher in order to optimize on their learning skills and display the best academic performance. Discipline is basically used for organization. When a teacher organizes the class, makes the students sit according to a sequence, tells them what behaviors are appropriate in the classroom and which behaviors are forbidden, tells them how to ask a question, how to share things with other classmates, how to do the class work, how to enter and leave the class, how to come to the teacher to get the work checked, how to ask the permission to leave the class to drink water or go to the toilet, how to sit in the class, how to speak in the class, how to raise a doubt, how to cough and how to manage things in the classroom, the teacher is basically teaching the students discipline. By teaching the students discipline, a teacher teaches them something that would remain with them throughout their life and would benefit them in their professional life as well. Discipline inculcates positive habits in the students which generate positive behaviors. On the other hand, guidance is limited to the class. The teacher guides the children how to use the computer and how to understand a concept. Hence, discipline inculcates ethics in children whereas guidance inculcates problem solving skills in the children.