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This paper 'Public Emergency Management" is a good example of an essay on management. A super typhoon Yutu occurred at the Northern Mariana Islands in the U. S on 24th October 2018. This was great typhoon ever experienced since 1935. The dangerous disaster left many damages which residence considers it the worst experience ever. Mitigation measures are often set in preparing for typhoon as it is prone to happen in such areas. However, it is beyond human ability to curb the typhoon totally. The speed of the wind recorded was at 180 mph in which it developed most parts of Saipan and cover Tiana area fully which left the Pacific islands “ mangled” .

Rescue missions have faced challenges due to the widespread destructions and dangerous weather conditions. Further, efforts to rescue people have been hampered by inaccessibility to the area as the critical infrastructure faced extensive damages (CBS News, 2018). Incidentally, the power poles and power transformers were damaged. This explains the suffering of the residents of the island as their power has not been restored. FEMA tasked with the mandate requested 700 to 800 poles, electricity material, and transformers to restore power.

The super typhoon caused various other challenges. Tourist has fled the area fearing for their safety. Additionally, the election has been postponed due to the inaccessibility of the area and displaced people. According to Governor Ralph Torres of U. S. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, elections shall be held on November 6. The governor cited the importance of family safety first despite the importance of the right to vote. Initial assessment indicates that 183 homes were damaged in Tinian, 779 in Saipan and 51 in Rota were badly destroyed.

After 96 hours when the typhoon occurs, 121 emergency room cases were reported (CBS News, 2018). This was devastating as cases kept rising. Analytically, the typhoon occurrence describes a weather phenomenon. The adverse damages caused by typhoons are often extreme due to the strong winds, floods, and torrential rains. This way, there is a need to assess the risk of the disaster. According to disaster management, clustering the typhoon paths have caused natural disasters. Little has been done to set mitigation measures to handle type 1 typhoon is correlated with the speed of the wind, cutting slopes, and rainfall.

The metrological indicators point at the high financial losses when managing typhoon (Gordon, 2002). The severe tropical storms hit the island unexpectedly. The storm is prone in northern hemisphere areas. As a recommendation measure, there is the need to offer a typhoon preparedness checklist that will help in minimizing the risks. A disaster supplies kit should be in place and stored in different locations to handle different scenarios (Gordon, 2002). It is essential to know the surrounding and protect the family by being in communication and having an emergency plan.

Fasten the roofs by instilling strips to secure the frame structure; a generator should also be in place in case of a power outage. Another preparedness measure is considering building a safe house. During the typhoon propelling tanks should be turned off and ensure water is available for sanity purposes. Additionally, listen to the radio or TV to keep one informed about the situation (Gordon, 2002). Lessons learned from the disaster include the essence of being ready.

The intervention of the state is equally crucial. President Trump approved disaster declaration measures which ensure that the federal fund supports the affected people. Having disaster management in place will help prevent more damages by securing people to safer areas.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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