Nature vs. Nurture: How Much Free Will Do Really We Have – Essay Example

The paper "Nature vs. Nurture: How Much Free Will Do Really We Have" is a good example of a psychology essay. The long-time debate regarding “the roles of heredity and environment in human development can be traced back to 13th century France”: The nature theory asserts “that one's behaviors are due to uncontrollable genetic impulses” (Nature vs. Nurture, par. 3) or a hereditary factor, while the nurture theory asserts that it is “the environmental factors of our upbringing” (Powell 2). This controversy is important because of its implications. First, understanding the root cause of man’s behavior enables us to appropriately deal with it. For example, why are there criminals, homosexuals, perverts? If they are due to one’s genetic makeup, then they could be dealt with scientifically. If due to the environment, then they could be dealt with socially. And second, the debate enlightens us on the danger that if we only accept the nature theory then man’s accountability on his/her actions is blurred, and if the nurture theory alone, then man’s innate individuality might not be properly appreciated. Therefore, instead of pitting nature against nurture we should delve more on understanding their interactions because both define man’s behavior; both make-up man.