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Project I am a fan of Michael Ross Schofield and like listening to rap music. I am intrigued by the versatility of Serena Williams on the tennis court. I am a committed person, but I do not like school assignments. I think about my future often, which is why I want to work as a public health professional after school. I value virtues, but with a particular liking for honesty because out I am the youngest out of four and everyone expect me to respect them. I look up to my father for inspiration and admire my mother’s character, as well.

I have mixed opinions about religion and still do not have comments about the cashless society. I have not had a life changing experience yet though I am adventurous. I find it challenging to describe myself fully because some things change as life wears off. I like Italian food because my favorite city is Milan. I value friendship, and my best friend is Andrew with whom I dance while hanging out. I prefer watching to reading and, for this reason; my favorite television program is The Office.

I believe in the philosophy of being genuine with my feelings and my favorite quote is “Do not say no if you mean yes and do not say no when you can say yes. ” I do not know what fun is in colors that make people prefer some colors to others. My favorite color is yellow because of reasons, which I cannot tell. That does not mean I am a funny person, though I like charming people; those who can make me laugh.

I have no worries concerning not knowing everything about myself because I am only 16. I will understand myself better as time elapses.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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