Princilples Of Team Building – Essay Example

The paper "Principles Of Team Building" is a wonderful example of a management essay.
Implementing a new project within a department is a very challenging task. As an effective team leader, good leadership skill is required to persuade the team members to actively participate in making the implementation of a new business project successful. In line with this, the use of transformational leadership style is encouraged since this type of leadership style encourages the rest of the team members to work well without much need of supervision (Winston & Patterson, 2006; Barbuto, 2005).
Aside from using good leadership approach, having a good communication skill is equally important. Not only would a two-way communication skill helps in minimizing the incidence or development of unnecessary internal conflicts, it will also lessen the chances of committing production error which can be costly on the part of the company and enhances employees’ commitment towards achieving the organizational goals (Bambacas & Patrickson, 2008; Mayfield & Mayfield, 2006).
There are many ways of building a high-performance teamwork. Aside from good leadership and communication technique, developing a strong organizational culture that is open to organizational change could help increase the team performance (Vecchi & Brennan, 2009). In line with this, a strong culture minimizes the risk wherein employees or team members would initiate resistance-to-change.
Among the benefits of developing cohesive groups include a higher production and performance rate, lower rate of absenteeism or lateness at work, and lesser organizational conflicts. Since team members are working towards a single organizational goal, there is a higher chance of increasing the team members’ motivation at work (Barbuto, 2005).
To tackle this new project, the team leader should gather the team members for a general meeting where the leader can communicate the purpose and objectives of implementing the new project. Basically, allowing the team members to know the direction of the plan will encourage and motivate the team members to participate in the project better.