Prevention of Ebola – Essay Example

The paper "Prevention of Ebola" is a worthy example of an essay on medical science.
Ebola is a severe disease to humans and other primates. With its origin unknown to date, its name came from Ebola River in the Democratic Republic of Congo where it was first established. Basing on World Health Organization statistics, the number of individuals suspected to have been affected by the disease is more than 13000; with 4800 having lost their lives. As one of the deadliest diseases, there are several preventive measures that need to be adopted.
First, individuals should avoid outbreak areas. It is important for one to visit websites that provide health information such as Center for Disease Control and Prevention before traveling to certain places in Africa where the disease is considered an outbreak (Center for disease control and Wilson 44). This can help prevent personal contact with the victims of Ebola. Secondly, people need to avoid consuming bushmeat because wild animals are likely to be infected with the Ebola virus. Thirdly, it is important for an individual to frequently wash his or her hand before and after eating or even after shaking other people’s hands. Ebola prevention requires one to rub his or her hands with clean water and soap or with any 60% alcohol-based liquid if water is not available. Fourth, the prevention of Ebola requires one not to handle the bodies of the victim. Only trained individuals who have safety equipment are allowed to bury the bodies of the victims. Lastly, people need to follow all the procedures for infection control especially the health care workers and other volunteers. This includes putting on protective clothes, masks, gloves, eye shields, and gown. In addition, victims of Ebola should be isolated from other people.