Speed Secrets 5: The Complete Driver – Essay Example

The paper "Speed Secrets 5: The Complete Driver" is a perfect example of an essay on sports and recreation. Michael Schumacher, the Formula One driver hails from Germany is an iconic figure. His achievements do not end with his present status but extend to his re-entry announcement to Formula One (F1) Racing in 2010. Besides, he is the person who popularized F1 Racing in Germany. As a cult figure in F1Race, he symbolizes the Popular Culture. Let us go through the life of Michael Schumacher as a celebrity, a philanthropist and a careerist. Schumacher’s fame as a cult figure is not limited to the sphere of F1Race but extends outside the track. For instance, he is the UNESCO ambassador and well aware of driver safety measures while driving. Besides, a large volume of donation proves his attitude towards the needy and downtrodden. The hardships faced by his father Rolf Schumacher and mother Elizabeth deeply influenced Schumacher and is aware of his responsibilities towards humanity. The wholehearted support from his family members deeply influenced Schumacher and it is evident from his personal life beyond a celebrity. When compared with other celebrities in different fields, Schumacher’s achievements in his career, i.e. F1race is noteworthy. Bentley and Cleland (2006) make clear that Michael Schumacher is a person with career skills and he very well knows how to appear at the right place at right time. He shows ample interest to attend road safety campaigns. In addition, comparing with other public figures, Schumacher makes large-scale use of mass media for advertising purpose and public relations. Schumacher is well known for his fast laps in F1races but is not away from some controversies in his racing career. For instance, the collision occurred in 1997 disqualified him from the championship. But in F1racing, it is usual to battle with other teams for the title. Schumacher prefers to lead a simple life, beyond the limelight of a celebrity. He shows keen interest to veil his personal life in front of the media. Summing, one can see that proper balancing between his career and personal life provide a unique position for Schumacher as a celebrity.