Returning to College – Essay Example

The paper "Returning to College " is a great example of an English essay. Very often, a person depends greatly on the circumstances and has nothing to but comply with them. This thing has happened to me as well and I had to leave college. I did this because I needed to save some money for future use. As the majority of the classes were offered to be attended in spring I made a decision to take the semester off with the aim to save my financial aid. Unfortunately, in today’s worlds, very often it is money that rules on what to do. What is more, I had some personal reasons to leave college; there was practically nothing I could do because of stress they caused, and this disturbed me and distracted my attention from the process of studying. Now I would like to return to college as I feel a call to do this: I bind to be bound to get education right within the walls of this very school not only because of the knowledge I can get but because of the atmosphere which prevails here. In addition to this, I got used to the modes of instruction that is used in college, and I like it a lot as I feel no pressure on the part of teachers, which is very important for successful studying. Finally, I have managed to deal with all the problems that distracted me from studying, and now I feel completely ready to start learning again and gaining knowledge that will help me in the future.