Equipping with Intensive Knowledge and Skills in the Business Field – Essay Example

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The paper "Equipping with Intensive Knowledge and Skills in the Business Field" is a perfect example of an education essay.   Studying at JMU provides students with quality education and interesting campus life for students. In this regard, the degree courses are very comprehensive and involve practical application and creativity. The college also provides learning opportunities to students in areas like athletics, leadership, undergraduate research and creative arts. JMU provides a fun-filled learning environment with beautiful mountainous landscape for hiking, biking, and skiing activities, to a lively downtown for shopping and convenient restaurants.

The education acquired provides an interesting and adventurous perspective to students exploring to advance their studies abroad as well as individuals aspiring to work in multinational organizations. However, after studying for some time in college, I came to realize that JMU does not offer the best quality of business courses as I had earlier anticipated. This is because the college of business has been ranked the 12 in the nation and 3-rd in Virginia by the Bloomberg BusinessWeek. However, the McIntire School of Commerce in UVA has been ranked second nationally and first nationally.

This comparison has impressed many aspiring students to join UVA in order to equip themselves with intensive knowledge and skills in the business field. By studying at UVA, I will have adequate skills and opportunities to attain skills in business research due to adequate financial support from the university (Bruce, 1920). In conclusion, as a student at UVA, I will take advantage of the student financial aid provided by the college as well as maximize the unique college traditions. Based on my current transcripts, I believe that my efforts have enabled me to obtain the basic academic qualification needed to join UVA and that the business provided by the McIntire School of Commerce will match my academic interests and assist me to pursue my business career.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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