Reasons for Transferring and Objectives to Achieve – Essay Example

The paper "Reasons for Transferring and Objectives to Achieve" is an outstanding example of an essay on English. My primary reason for transferring involve my personal desire to learn about business entrepreneurship which I feel I cannot fulfill at De Anza College. While the college offers me a lot of opportunities in other terms, the field of entrepreneurship is not one of them. Therefore, in the search of the proverbial greener pastures, I am seeking a transfer. Of course, it can be questioned why I wish to be an entrepreneur at my age and I realize that there is a long way to go before I can effectively call myself a business entrepreneur. However, I feel that if I set out to in the business world without the right educational background, I will probably not go very far. The objectives which I hope to gain with this transfer are twofold, firstly and most importantly, I believe that the transfer will put me in touch with those teachers and educators who can guide me correctly as I seek more knowledge and try to better myself as a professional. I realize that to become a professional one has to be in the presence of those who have to tread the same path and came to a discovery of their inner self after having gone down other directions to explore their options. That is why I believe that this transfer will place me with the right kind of people. Once I have the education and the knowledge that can help me become the entrepreneur that I want to be, I can fulfill my second objective. That is, to use the skills I have learned to make a living out of my passion. Photography has always interested me and I feel that I have the ability to make a living out of selling the photographs that I take. Of course, I do not compare myself to Ansel Adams (at least not yet) but I believe that I can offer much to the art world and I am confident that I can be the best in the business. However, to actually create a business out of my passion I would need to know exactly how entrepreneurship works and that knowledge can only be gained through education in business.