Is Getting a Dog Worth It – Essay Example

The paper "Is Getting a Dog Worth It?" is a wonderful example of an essay on English.
As much as dogs always give unfailing attention and affection to man, it has its challenges too. Americans, in general, pay so much attention and use a lot of money to dogs as pets. This is evident in the society today as so much praise is given to dogs through movies and television programs (Serpell 171). People should get rid of dogs as they are too much work, costly, destroys houses and interfere with family harmony.
To start with pets such as dogs need extra work and effort from the owner.
Most dogs live up to 15yeras approximately therefore making caring for it a lifetime commitment. Dogs need to be played with and exercised daily. This can be a tough task if the dog owner is busy and does not have a big compound as it will need him/her to take the dog for a walk or to a park (Serpell 171). According to the ASPCA having a pet costs $6700 to $ 7700 per animal lifetime. This figures account for expenses such as food, preventive vet care, licenses, permanent identification and spraying. However, unexpected problems that may occur and any health conditions are not accounted for.
Dogs destroy the environment they live in.
Pets especially dogs have a lot of energy. If the energy is not managed through the exercising and playing, they end up using the energy in chewing rugs in the house and digging around the compound. This in return results to untidy home which is unpleasant and unhealthy. This behavior forces dog owners to look for time or hire a house sitter to ensure the dog does not interfere with any thing in the house (Serpell 169).
Dogs disrupt family harmony due to their need for attention and affection.
Dogs can be used to disrupt the family’s harmony either positively or negatively (Bulcroft 52). The negative destructions will involve wanting attention during family time and wanting food as the family takes meals. Kids are often disrupted with the dog and instead of taking their meals they concentrate on feeding the dog.
In conclusion, caring for dogs is a big responsibility that is not quite pleasant as it needs a lot of commitment and patience. It also causes a lot of disruption in the family since it needs so much attention and affection. Most people strain to keep a dog which eventually adds them stress. According to Humane Society of the United States, expenses and high commitment levels in pet keeping as resulted to 6 million to 8 million pets ending up in shelters every year due to owners inability to care for them.