What is Critical Thinking – Essay Example

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The paper "What is Critical Thinking" is a great example of a psychology essay. Persuasive thinking presentations, verbal or written always persuade the listeners or readers to think in terms of the ideas presented by the presenter. The presenter should establish his credibility first in order to persuade the listeners. He should use a diplomatic, clear and evidence-based approach to support his arguments. His arguments must be tailor-made for the listeners/readers supported by logical reasons. Persuasive thinking is the core of critical thinking. “ Critical thinking is the identification and evaluation of evidence to guide decision making.

A critical thinker uses broad in-depth analysis of evidence to make decisions and communicate his/her beliefs clearly and accurately. " (What is Critical Thinking? ) A critical thinker will analyze the pros and cons of each topic before arriving at conclusions. Persuasive thinking leads a person towards critical thinking. For example, some of the people may not have believed in God’ s existence. Gospel preachers use persuasive methods to guide such people to change their beliefs. For that purpose, they will present their arguments logically and convincingly in front of the audience.

The audience will be persuaded to rethink about their beliefs. They will critically analyze the topic again and again before taking a final decision. Thus persuasive thinking helps a person to evaluate certain issues critically in order to take the right decision. In short, persuasive thinking and critical thinking are the two sides of the same coin. Both of them do not have a separate existence because of the close relationship between them.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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