Employee Dress Code – Essay Example

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The paper "Employee Dress Code" is a perfect example of an essay on English. Our company prides itself on the professional environment it maintains as well as the positive image that is presented by the employees as capable representatives of the company. This message is influenced by the mode of dress we employ within our premises, on the premises of our customers, as well as in public while representing the company. Currently, our company lacks a dress code which allows employees to dress in any way they want. Of late I have observed with a lot of keenness to detail the mode of dressing my employees and it is worrying.

Majority of the employees have thrown caution to the wind especially this summer and are coming to the office dressed in shorts, gladiator sandals, tank tops(inclusive of men), micro-miniskirts, tube tops, sheer dresses as well as skimpy hot pants. There is a need to continue presenting a professional image not only toward our clients but also to the general public as well. It is therefore imperative and important, that with your permission we introduce a dress code for our employees.

It is also essential that employees make use of their best judgment in dressing appropriately. Members of staff should also be contacted to contribute their views so that they feel part of the process. I feel that the overall dress code should be formal and/or casual clothing that is, neat, comfortable to wear, appropriate and above all professional for an office environment. Consideration of each day’ s activities should also be part of the dress code. Hoping to hear from you soonest. Thank you for your time and kind consideration.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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