The First African American President – Essay Example

The paper "The First African American President " is a good example of an essay on history. Hope, Change, Revolution, Justice, Equality and many other powerful words come to mind when we consider that Barak Obama has become the first African American president of America. Just a few decades ago, America was a land of inequality and separation but today the highest elected office in America as well as the world belongs to a man from a race which was enslaved, prosecuted and even ostracized. This is the change which America has experienced and this is the change which shows that Obama is the right man to lead America. Of course, it would be too naive to say that just because he is an African American he is likely to be the leader we need. The reason it is easy to believe that he is the right leader for America comes from his own words which show that there is still hope and grace in the United States. Even before his election, Obama stated that “I reject the belief that we should either shrink from the challenge of globalization or fall back on the same tired and failed approaches of the last eight years (Sweet, 2008, Pg. 1)”. Looking at the issues which America faces today, Obama proclaimed that it is high time for fresh and innovative state policies, “that create the jobs and opportunities of the future– a competitiveness agenda built upon education and energy, innovation and infrastructure, fair trade and reform (Sweet, 2008, Pg. 1)”. Thus, it becomes easy to see that Obama is the force of change which can sweep away the stagnation of the last eight years the country has been through.