Evaluation of Employees – Essay Example

The paper "Evaluation of Employees" is a good example of an essay on English. Three years ago, the personnel department hired Jeff; Jeff’s previous evaluations have been excellent. However, on reviewing his records it is found that he did not graduate from Colby College and was dropped out in the middle of the year and never joined again. “Many people are tempted to provide falsified resumes due to their perceived competition for the job that they are applying for” (Do not be fooled by falsified Resumes). Similar is the case of Jeff he admits that he lied and begged the supervisor not to tell the boss because his family was under immense financial crises. Although, Jeffs previous work is excellent having falsified record is a serious offense and the accused should be penalized. Hence, I being a co-director of personnel it is my job not to lie to my boss because it will harm the company image. Following is the performance evaluation memo of Jeff, to my boss Karen Sanderson, in which I will highlight the problem with Jeff s records without degrading him as an employer. This is with reference to your request for the evaluation of one of our employees, Mr. Jeff, and as a co-director, I would share the following with you. Please be informed that I know Jeff as my employer for the last two years. I found him highly dedicated and enthusiastic in his performance. However, upon your request for evaluation, I carried a small investigation and the result was surprising. The investigation revealed that Jeff was a drop out from Colby School of business administration, whereas; in his resume, he states to be a graduate from Colby. In a small conversation with me, he revealed the fact and shared that he has some family issues regarding finances, he is married having one kid and one is due soon. Keeping his past performance, family obligations and on humanitarian grounds, I suggest he should be penalized for his false statements by hiring him over a reduced package that is offered to our new undergraduates. Upon humanitarian grounds, I suggest that he should not be fired and should be given a chance to continue his services, as he is one of our brilliant employers with result-oriented performance.