Dedication of Musical Success – Essay Example

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The paper "Dedication of Musical Success" is a good example of an essay on English. My mother raised me in a single-family home. In 1997, we moved to California where my mother hoped I would go to a good school. When we first arrived, my mother had to work long hours so we could have a roof over our heads and food on the table. I spent many evenings with babysitters waiting for my mom to get home. During these long hours, I developed my love for music. I am currently the Drumline and Percussion Section Captain of my high school marching band.

My band has 300 members and we spend dozens of hours practicing each semester, culminating in our performance in the Rose Bowl Parade. As this is my fourth year in the band, I have a great deal of experience and have demonstrated leadership qualities. I’ m a very creative and well-rounded person and hope these qualities will be recognized by the College of Fine and Applied Arts. An obstacle I have overcome has been the loss of my grandmother to Lou Gehrig's disease when I was ten years of age.

It was almost more than I could bear. My grandmother was a second parent to me. She always made me feel safe and loved when my mother was gone. I felt like I could do anything and accomplish everything. During the time my family did not have a lot of things, but our family was filled with lots of love and laughter. It was extremely hard for me to watch my grandmother’ s life diminish. It was extremely hard at such a young age to understand why God could allow this happen.

It has taken me years to overcome such a loss and to also understand why something like this could happen. I decided to focus on school and music, which would have made my grandmother so proud. I will dedicate my entire musical success to her.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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