Reasons to Study Sports Science in the UK – Essay Example

The paper "Reasons to Study Sports Science in the UK" is a brilliant example of an education essay. I have always been having the dream of studying in the UK since childhood. I typically consider the UK as a good place for a person to acquire his or her education. To begin with, many governments, employers, and universities worldwide perceive the UK education to be of high quality. Secondly, the UK is an attractive place for living since it comprises of distinctively different cultures, fantastic events, historical landmark, and a relatively high living standard. Finally, most degree programs offered in the UK perceptibly take the shortest time and lowest tuition fees globally. While in the UK, it is my volition to pursue a Sports Science degree. With a sports science degree from a UK university, I believe I would be at a better position of securing a sports-related job. Many UK universities actively engage in inter-university sports in which students participate to shape their skills. The other reason is that the world’s top football teams are in the UK, implying an excellent academic performance can land one an instant employment. The typical jobs may include an exercise psychologist, sports coach, fitness center manager, and so on. So far, I have studied a number of courses at the ABP and QU that are relevant to the Sports Science degree. In spring 2014, I studied courses such as Introduction to Linguistics, Traditional and New Games, and Theory & Practice- Indy Sports I; my accumulated GPA for these courses was 1.61. In addition, I have interests in sporting activities like football, tennis, and basketball. I have also been a volunteer in a local community group whose primary purpose is to create awareness of the importance of sports and physical exercise.