Blood Wedding – Essay Example

The paper "Blood Wedding" is an excellent example of an essay on performing arts. As is custom to most of the greatest plays, they must exude a feeling of welcoming while at the same time be enjoyable and entertaining to the audience. The Blood Wedding was no exception in this aspect. First and foremost to create interest and anticipation, the audience was treated to an ethnic Spanish dance while in waiting for the cast. This more than likely acquainted the audience to the atmosphere and location of the play. Entering the theater, its design and location left nothing to the imagination of the audience. From the elaborate 1932 Spanish community décor that made the play almost believable with hanging lanterns and shrubs that seemed to skit across the hallway, the audience was enthralled and in touch with the scene. With effortless lighting, the background environment could not have been enhanced and captivating. The seating arrangement did not disappoint. For an intimate setting, the seats were within touching distance of the stage not forgetting to mention they were not pre-assigned. Therefore, the audience was spoilt for choice. Considering the seating was for fifty it would not have gotten better than this. At the start of the play, the drop in pace was quite evident. It was also clear that the play centered on the mother and even the great music that was the highlight of the game could not avert attention. What was most fascinating was how there were smooth transitions between scenes without awkward interludes. This was contributed by the harmony with which the actors played their parts and the singing throughout the performance. Though some of the music was misplaced the live music ensemble was the highlight of the play. The plot and performance, however, failed to deliver the desired effect. From the onset, the performer's experience could be deduced. Some of the actings stood out more than others. This made the script appear ingenious, and the acting forced and unbelievable thereby drawing much criticism. The mother thought was commendable and the actress extremely convincing. The bride however exuded childish character, perhaps part of the play. Though this was an excellent experience, considering the drawbacks it would not be classified as great.