Performace Appraisal – Essay Example

The paper "Performace Appraisal" is an exceptional example of an essay on human resources.
Performance appraisal is a vital aspect of avoiding high employee turnovers. However, the criteria set to evaluate performance may not be effective as presented in the article. The perception of the employee with regards to the Performance appraisal system set is integral in handling the employee perception through dynamic contribution to employee contribution.
In fact, the major challenge with performance appraisal is the inability to address the psychological issues associated with employee satisfaction. The current systems do not evaluate the employee’s psychological contribution to the organization. The increase in wealth creation by academicians may not be considered in the performance appraisal leading to serious challenge in addressing the sensitive issues of employee retention and satisfaction. Performance appraisal faces several challenges, especially when handing academics as knowledge workers in the institutions of higher learning. The challenge is further compounded by the globalization and free transfer of the knowledge employees. The increased competition of the knowledge-based labour globally has affected the perception of the employees’. Therefore, the psychological evaluation of performance appraisal systems is necessary.
According to international labour migration trends, it is evident that personal satisfaction is vital in performance appraisal system. If employees are satisfied that the appraisal system captures issues that are important, it will be easier for employees to be satisfied and thus reduce employee turnover. In many countries, knowledge may not accord the value that it deserves leading to serious challenge in employee retention. Coupled with globalization, employees are able to evaluate the performance appraisal systems in relation to the organization's appraisal system which leads to high employee turnover. The article focuses on the vital issues of psychological evaluation of performance appraisal.