The Most Critical Aspects of a Leader – Essay Example

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The paper "The Most Critical Aspects of a Leader " is an outstanding example of an essay on management. One of the most critical aspects of a leader lies in their people skills and leadership skills. To be a great leader and role model, it is essential for one to know both their strengths and weakness. This not only creates a platform for them to reinforce their strengths, but it also gives a leader the opportunity to work on their shortcomings (Vidyarthi, Anand & Liden, 2014). This, in turn, earns them respect among their colleagues and peers.

To that end, I took three tests, two on leadership styles and one on job design choices. In this paper, I will discuss in more detail, my scores on the respective tests.   On the "T-P" leadership styles self-assessment, I scored above average on the overall test. The test further showed that one of my strengths as a leader is being task-oriented. For a long time, I have been able to complete all the tasks that have been allocated to my team and me, by all means necessary, having them delivered on time.

I also managed to score very highly on the aspect of sharing leadership duties. I genuinely believe that a problem shared is a problem half-solved. For that reason, I tend to do a lot of delegation according to everyone's strengths. Also, the assessment determined that I am people-oriented.   In the second test, the "T-T" leadership styles test revealed a critical part of my leadership style. I scored an average score of 30 on transformational leadership and 20 on transactional leadership. Transformational leadership is one where the leader actively involves the subordinates in identifying a needed change and work towards executing the change.

Transactional leadership, on the other hand, focuses more on the management and supervision of the employees or subordinates based on a system of rewards and punishments (Dumdum, Lowe & Avolio, 2013). While I may have scored highly on the transactional leadership style as well, I prefer being a transformational leader.   Last but not least, was the job design test. For many individuals, job design is not something that they pay attention to whenever they are settling for a job.

In fact, studies have shown that most individuals tend to decide on their work based on what they will be paid rather than their job satisfaction. What people often overlook is the fact that job design directly correlates to job satisfaction, commitment and turnover. In this particular test, I scored a 3.75. However, I noted that, like most people, I also tend to be driven by the amount of pay that I will be receiving.   Self-assessment is very important for any leader that seeks to become great.

This self-assessment exercise, in particular, has not only made me more self-aware, but it has also laid down the foundation for the things that I need to improve on for me to become a better leader and role model to both my peers and colleagues. Overall, the scores suggest that I am a good leader as is, but I can improve on a few things and be better.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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